About Matt & Mindy

Matt and Mindy Dalton are the co-founders of Marriage Missionaries. They have been doing this missionary work, full time, for the past 8 years.Once Matt and Mindy invited Jesus to be at the center of their marriage and the primary source of their love, they have a burning desire and passion to share God’s glorious design with others. They do this through a process called Marriage Coaching; a mentoring friendship, one couple to another.

They have appeared on various shows on EWTN. Currently they write a monthly article for The Denver Catholic. Archbishop Aquila has them teaching our future deacons and their wives in the Diaconate Formation at the Archdiocese of Denver.

They have been married 24 years and are parents to 7 children, ages 22 to 5.

Marriage Missionaries helps you to invite Christ Jesus into every aspect of your married and family life.
We answer your questions that can bring greater joy to every day with one another.