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Now that we all have lost 5 pounds since implementing better eating and a new workout, started a new budget for the year (and this one we are going to stick to), we want to talk about some resolutions that could have a longer effect………….on our soul.

Since the ultimate goal of marriage is to help spouse (and children) get to heaven, we each must take steps toward this goal.  We hear talk of “falling in love” and being “swept off our feet” when we each first met our spouse; but then the reality of life sets in and that is where the phrase “labor of love” comes in to play.

Making an effort, each day, to love our spouse, to honor, respect and die to ourselves for the sake of our beloved; the one we said “I do” to.

So here are a few suggestions of New Year’s Resolutions for our marriages.  The power of a simple hug or kiss can go a long way – every day.

Challenge #1: Make the commitment to greet your spouse with a hug and a kiss every time the other arrives home (or arrives at a kids’ event).

Once, while waiting for our daughter’s high school volleyball match to start, we observed the men and women arrive at separate times; maybe the husband or wife came directly from work.  The man would walk in, go sit with all the other dads, while the wife continued her conversation with a group of moms located a bit down the bleachers.  If we were first-timers to this game, it would have been very difficult to tell which man and which woman were married; which two went together.
A simple moment of walking up to your spouse, with a hug and a greeting is a wonderful way to be united, a wonderful witness to others of our love!

Challenge #2 – Take to heart that we all have a different way of doing things.

Let go of the one thing about your spouse that irritates you the most.  Maybe it’s the wet towel left on the bathroom floor, or flipping through channels without ever stopping to see what’s actually on T.V., or some other annoying habit. Let go of the need to have the toilet paper roll put with paper over versus under. Don’t worry if the drawers and cabinets full of make-up, perfumes and the latest moisturizers. Keep in mind that each of us has something that gets under the skin of our spouse.
What an opportunity to love, to serve and to make a gift of ourselves.  Work on the virtues of kindness and humility.  Pick up the towel and say a prayer for your spouse, make an effort to put the toilet paper roll on the way your spouse likes it (and do it without any expectation whatsoever).  Consciously making the effort to not let these things bother you any longer – So help you God.

Finally, Challenge #3, pray together as a couple.

This may be the most important and most fruitful of your New Year’s resolutions.  Couples that pray together stay together.  Invite God into your marriage and into your family.  Start each morning with a morning offering and end each evening praying as a couple.  Most of us would say, “We pray as a family, we say grace before meals.”  That’s good but there’s more.  Spiritually connecting as spouses brings about a closeness, a peace and a love that is set apart, in a word – HOLY.

We pray that your New Year’s Resolutions for your marriage will bear much fruit!  And it’s time to go now……have to put the toilet paper roll on.

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