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Marriage Missionaries is so blessed to have had such a successful THANK YOU event. We have had many outstanding responses from the movie the other night. What a joy for us all to be together!

We ALL are in a battle – a battle for the family.

WE ALL at Marriage Missionaries – we are in the trenches – fighting for families!

In some cases, we are trying to help couples to survive… with others – to thrive.

The other night, we gathered in thanksgiving, and we are so grateful for all of you being partners with us on this mission. Your support, prayers and      encouragement keep Marriage Missionaries going!

As you can imagine, coaching married couples is not always easy; we win some and we lose some. We immerse ourselves into every couple that comes to us. When we lose a couple to divorce, it is so painful. It seems like most of our sessions with couples these days are draining. However, when we see a couple turn things around and open their union to our blessed Lord, there is tremendous hope.

Take a minute to think, do you know of a couple who is hurting? Maybe you can sense that they need some enrichment in their marriage or some serious triage.
What are we doing about these couples? Do we have the courage to say, “Hey, did you know that there is a better way?!” Are you mindful to encourage them to call Marriage Missionaries?

Our hope is that this movie WAR ROOM gave us fuel to go out and ENCOUNTER and encourage other couples that we know to never give in and never give up!

May the blessings of Almighty God be with all of us as we peacefully fight for Holy Matrimony!

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