Coaching for Men

Men After God’s Own Heart

Men, this is an opportunity for you to grow deeper in your faith, while also discussing ways you can love your spouse like Christ loves His Church.


“I’ve been meeting with Matt for the past 10 years off and on. My first meetings were a saving grace. He listened intently, allowing and encouraging me to delve into as much detail as I felt needed to describe and explain myself. Matt introduced common-sense concepts to help frame and understand my struggles. He offered scripture passages and Church teaching to quell my angst and apprehension.

These experiences with Matt were totally unlike psychologist 50-minute appointments. Matt has had spiritual answers for the situation I have created with my marriage. His keen counsel has put us on a path for asking forgiveness, putting aside the past and moving on toward God’s plan for our marriage. He has given us these gifts without judgment and preaching.”

– George
(name changed for confidentiality)

“Do not forget that TRUE LOVE sets no conditions; it does not calculate or complain, but SIMPLY LOVES.”
Saint Pope John Paul II

(Matthew 11:29)

The worldview of meek — Weak, timid, scared.

Let’s change our vision of what “Meek” really means.

A well trained warhorse awaiting its master’s command!

Who is your master? Is it money, power, pleasure or status?

Or is God our master?

Many men are finding this narrow path leads to genuine satisfaction.

Coaching for Men Costs:  $100 per session.

To set up a coaching session,
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