Marriage Coaching

God is thirsting to pour his love, mercy and grace into your union!

Are you looking to strengthen your marriage and improve your relationship?

Married love is not easy. On our own, we are not capable of a love that’s permanent, free, total, faithful, fruitful and selfless……..but God is!!

We invite you to rediscover the goodness and beauty that is your marriage, a marriage that imitates Jesus and the love for His bride, the Church.

God invites all married couples to become heroic in their love and commitment, standing by one another for the whole of their lives. As marriage coaches, we come alongside of you in encouragement, providing practical tools and shining a light on the gift that married love is.

Marriage Coaching can help you and your spouse achieve a deeper understanding
of one another and true intimacy in your marriage.

Storms will come – this is normal!
  • What it is not normal is staying in the storm.
  • Marriage Coaching – a mentoring friendship – one married couple to another married couple.
  • Marriage coaching gives you the tools (the umbrella) to make the storms bearable.

Marriage Coaching costs: 

$100 per session. 

Sessions typically last 1.5 hours.

Scholarships are available.

Please contact us at 303-578-8287 or email to

You can either download, print, and fill, or use the interactive forms to download, fill out, save and email back to us.

Send us an email to inquire of times available for your first Marriage Coaching session.
Be Not Afraid.