Who We Are

Made In His Image

We are married couples who treasure the Sacrament of Marriage; who see the goodness in all married couples – and that their marriage has deep meaning, purpose and worth.

About Matt and Mindy

Matt and Mindy Dalton are
the co-founders of Marriage Missionaries. They have been doing this missionary work, full time, for the past 16 years. Once Matt and Mindy invited Jesus to be at the center of their marriage and the primary source of their love, they had a burning desire and passion to share God’s glorious design with others. They do this through a process called Marriage Coaching; a mentoring friendship, one couple to another.

Like other Catholic missionaries, we have left the corporate world to invite others to discover the beauty, goodness and truth about life, love and how God intends us to live out our marriages. We are entering our 16th year of full-time missionary work.

We believe God thirsts for marriages to be a sign of His love. We believe every married couple has gifts from God; gifts to help them to love with generous hearts.

They have appeared on various shows on EWTN. Archbishop Aquila has them on the Diaconate Formation team for our future deacons and their wives at the St. Francis School of Theology for Deacons, a division of St. John Vianney Theological Seminary.

They have been married 32 years and are parents to 7 children, ages 30 to 13 and 7 grandchildren.

As missionaries, we’ve also made another decision:

We commit to upholding the dignity of every person we encounter. Entrusting our lives completely to Jesus Christ, we vow to come alongside each and every couple seeking enrichment, guidance, healing and restoration in their marriages. As married couples, we share our victories and our struggles. We know that it takes courage and work to enter into a coaching relationship with another couple. Know that we take this journey seriously and we too make strides to practice what we preach.

We strive to give couples a new lens to look through; hope for their future and the desire to be generous with their hearts towards one another and every human being they meet.

Matt and Mindy Blog

Join Matt and Mindy as they share their personal journey and insights on marriage and family life through their ‘Stories’ blog. Follow along as they navigate the ups and downs of ministry and discover ways to strengthen and deepen your own relationships. Whether you’re a newlywed or a seasoned veteran, their honest and relatable stories will inspire you to make your marriage and family a priority.

The Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life

We entered marriage in 1991 with our own ideas dominating our thoughts and actions of what marriage was all about, specifically the teaching on openness to life. What does the Church know about marriage, let alone being a father or mother? Does the Church realize how...

When our idea of ‘getting ahead’ changed

During the first five years of our marriage, our relationship could be described as utilitarian; what’s in it for me? And that is the opposite of love. We both worked fulltime. Matt was in sales, 100 percent commission. Thoughts of meeting his quota and counting the...

When the ‘I do’s’ get stormy

Picking the most beautiful parish, hiring the most talented musicians, the freshest flowers, bridesmaid dresses that reflect the color of the season, and of course the most important part…planning the party afterward. The food, the open bar, the band and dancing. Now...

In honor of the beauty of ‘woman’: mothers, sisters and brides

It was early in our marriage that I, Matt, treated Mindy more like an object than as a helpmate—I was selfish. My own mother sensed a lack of grace from our marriage. She approached me and said that if I hadn’t been to confession in a real long time that I wasn’t...