State of the Union

1 in 5 married people struggle in their marriage.

Average Cost of a divorce - $7,000 (non-contested). Up to $100,000 if it is contested.

Over the last decade, less than half of all 17-year-olds reached their birthday with two continuously married, biological parents in the home.

In 1960, 5% of all births were outside of marriage. By 1970, non-marital births had more than doubled. That number reached nearly 20% in 1980, and nearly 30% by 1990.

The state of our marital unions affects the State of the Union.

In the 21st Century, divorce is more widely accepted than in the history of our country. So-called experts have made it easier to get out of marriage with laws such as no-fault divorce.

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“Imagine the family as an airplane in flight. You can do many things on a plane (including argue) and still get to your destination safe and intact. But divorce is a parent opening the emergency exit mid-flight, depressurizing the entire cabin, and jumping out while pulling the ripcord on a parachute for only themselves….all while yelling that “you’ll be fiiiiiiiine!”

  • A child can’t make sense of why the parent did this; they are merely left with a crisis on a broken plane, without a way to navigate well or land safely and intact.
  • The broken family is a reminder that a parent had a choice. The child doesn’t have a choice, though, and this is a perpetual source of confusion, pain, and complication where peace, joy, love, and simplicity should have been the norm.”

(Pg. 21 of Primal Loss, The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak, Leila Miller)