“We were married almost 20 years when we met with Matt and Mindy. It was after a time when we experienced several intense, relentless, traumatic occurrences over a short 4-month span. We tried to deal with these traumas on our own to no avail, and as time went on, we were drifting apart, and we sunk deeper and deeper in trouble as a couple.”

“I (Laura) had one foot out the door. I had lost and/or forgotten and/or ignored my faith, my promise, our Covenant. We were so far apart. My solution was to rent a one-bedroom apartment. The children wouldn’t feel the split so much, right? Even as I planned this escape, I knew as a child of divorce, that would not work.

Hank did not think I would be willing to see Matt and Mindy because Hank knew Matt first from St Thomas More Church and That Man is You men’s group. We had a call first, in that 20-minute call I (Laura) had a profound experience. I was called back by Matt, not in a shaming or guilty way, but a “Snap out of it!!” wake up call to my marriage, to my precious spouse, my reason for being. As a Catholic here on earth we began to rediscover God’s plan for us as a married couple. In a very loving way, he sketched out why Hank and I are here, why we are together and why it is essential to our family and our community, our world… that we remain together.

Over the next year Matt and Mindy would work with us on our different points of view. One of the toughest but most meaningful exercises they gave us was Confession and Forgiveness. Privately as a couple we each took inventory of all the things we had done in our marriage to hurt each other, things we regretted, and ask each other for forgiveness. As difficult as that was for us to do, it was likely the most important thing we ever did for our marriage. We use this tool often as life goes on and our marriage has never been stronger.

WHAT IS COACHING LIKE? It wasn’t psycho-babble, it’s coaching – one faithful couple helping another couple to see each other as God see’s us and navigate this world we live in, together. Matt and Mindy challenged us to do and be better to each other through specific conversations and exercises. To see God’s hand in everything we are together.

Hank and I suggest to any couple struggling in their marriage, and those who have a good marriage that want to make it great, just give it one session. There is nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.”

– Hank and Laura