Marriage Missionaries has been a Godsend to our marriage in more ways than one…my husband and I went through a very rough patch in our marriage and Marriage Missionaries was recommended. In a desperate attempt to keep our family together we wrote to Matt and Mindy, who wasted no time in getting back to us understanding the dire circumstances we were faced with. We knew we needed help and not just any help but a couple ( in particular) who was in the faith and who would lead us back to Christ. Matt and Mindy did exactly that. Their tools and techniques taught us about true forgiveness, bringing all our issues into the light and working together, with Christ first, to not only come out of our problems but come out of them stronger than we were before.

Matt and Mindy not only were a coaching couple to us but they became our friends and also a couple that we now strive to imitate. They showed us that marriage is not a race but it is a marathon and that all married couples do have struggles but it is how we handle the struggles that will either help us to achieve sanctity or not. We have recommended Marriage Missionaries to countless friends and will continue to do so for years to come. They have been a wonderful blessing to us, our marriage and ultimately our growing family.

– The Grinsteads